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You can't be a good tester if you love programmers!

Submitted by Cicero » Wed 22-Feb-2012, 13:30

Subject Area: Testing

Keywords: testability, Dennis Lillie, agile, hack

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I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I just don't like programmers. Never have, never will. They're careless, undisciplined, totally lacking in any kind of wisdom, think they can build software in their heads without a design (isn't that what all this "agile" garbage is about? ... "Let's all gather round the kernel and hack ... then give a show and tell in two weeks ") ... without a thought about testability, without a requirement spec you can write a test to. Do I need to go on?. I'm just never going to make it past maturity level 2 (ref your Attitudes to Testing at http://www.chambers.com.au/services/testing/testing.php). I can't!

On this page you say, "Today we much prefer to work with developers early in the life cycle to create testable requirements." If this is the right of passage to maturity level III, count me out! Are you kidding? Most programmers can't write requirements! A good percentage of them can't talk in polite society.

I'm with Dennis Lillie, the legendary Australian fast bowler. He got it right. He often spoke of his primal hate of batsmen. Just bowl em out.

Here take this test case!


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RE: You can't be a good tester if you love programmers!

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