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(Contrast with: activity, process)

It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.
             - Edwards Deming

A task is the smallest unit of work subject to management accountability. A task is a well-defined work assignment usually assigned to one person. Related tasks are grouped to form activities.

Processes are Partitioned into Activities and Tasks

Examples of Tasks

The Joint Application Design planning activity is further broken down to the following tasks:

  • Identify the business processes to be addressed
  • Identify session participants
  • Schedule the session
  • Create the agenda/session plan
  • Distribute the session plan
  • Confirm participants
  • Identify participant training needs (e.g. is a JAD process overview required)

Defining a Task

Some or all of the following elements may be used to define a task:

Entry criteria
  • Prior tasks complete
  • Prior deliverables approved
  • Task defined
  • Deliverables defined
  • Resources available
  • Responsibilities defined
  • Work authorised.
  • Task step sequence
  • Deliverable definition
  • Deliverable acceptance criteria
Exit criteria
  • Tests passed
  • Deliverables verified
  • Deliverables approved
  • Review complete
  • Acceptance criteria satisfied

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