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Change Proposal

A change proposal documents the outcome of the analysis of a change request. Change proposals typically provide the following information:

Typical Content of a Change Proposal

Data Comment
Change request number The unique identifiers of one or more change requests relevant to this change proposal
Proposal author Provide author name, signature, organisation and contact numbers (e.g. phone, facsimile, e-mail)
CIs impacted Identify all configuration items (CIs) that will require change (including documentation and code). Provide part numbers and other identifiers.
Impact assessment For each CI summarise the extent of change and classify as: [major | moderate | minor]
Proposed change actions Actions should include re-validation of components including documentation and code
Change rationales Provide reasons for change
Effort estimates Estimate the cost of the changes
Priority assessment Define the level of priority in the context of other change works in terms of: [high | medium | low]
Proposed start date Self explanatory
Proposed completion date Self explanatory
Impact on other development Describe impacts on other development activities. Identify individuals or teams that should be notified
Process improvement requirement If the change is associated with a latent defect in a software development product or process and is preventable, identify the product or process and propose corrective action to prevent the problem from re-occurring

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