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(Alias: extent, range)

The boundaries and extent or range of view, outlook, application, operation or effectiveness of a human endeavour (e.g. a process, activity, task or work product). Classes of scope include:

  • Organisational scope. The external or internal organisational groups or individuals to which the endeavour applies.
  • Temporal scope. The period of time for which the endeavour is relevant.
  • Life cycle scope. The life cycle phases, processes, activities or tasks to which the endeavour applies.
  • Deliverable scope. The set of deliverables or work products to which the endeavour applies.
  • Functional scope. The set of business functions or functions of a system to which the endeavour applies.
  • Architectural scope. The set of architectural components to which the endeavour applies.
  • Strategic scope. The set of business and/or system goals and objectives addressed by the endeavour.

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