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[Issue+workaround] Printing shifts 1/4" to left

Submitted by faelanstevie » Fri 04-May-2018, 22:54

Subject Area: Project Management

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When I print everything on the page shifts 1/4" inch. I've tried on 4 different printers, all have the same issue. So far I've had to compensate for the problem by shifting everything in the design 1/4". This was happening in oo2.3 and I had hoped that upgrading to 2.4 would solve it; unfortunately no. My page margins are set at 1/4". I tried setting them at 2" just to see what happens, and that actually made the problem go away. The problem is that I need my margins at 1/4" usually. If this helps: the program seems to increase the page margin I set by, say, 1/5 inch.
Help! Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone have a way to fix it?

Please help.

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RE: [Issue+workaround] Printing shifts 1/4" to left

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