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Companies can be charged with murder in the UK

Submitted by Leonidas » Mon 04-Mar-2013, 09:17

Subject Area: Safety

Keywords: homicide, murder, manslaughter

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This report from Paul Bennett on LinkedIn
I know things may be different in Australia, but in the UK we have the "Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act" which is starting to have some impact. There are apparently about 50 cases in progress at the moment and the first three have culminated. The way is still being felt. These links will give some interesting reading. I am sure there will be more.


Of course, UK law doesn't stand for the whole globe but I am sure that other civilised countries will be looking at this aspect in some form. I am not sure that we have heard the last of the Deep Water Horizon debacle yet so it might just be a bit too early to say anything about that specific case. The US legal system can move almost as slowly as the UK one at times I think.


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