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Thumbnails in windows explorer

Submitted by JoeClark » Sat 11-Nov-2017, 01:09

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I have a collection of ePub books that are stored on a Linux formatted NAS and accessed through various Windows PCs. I also have an Android tablet on which I do most of my reading.
I recently added CBXShell / ShellExtension / FileMeta to my PC and now see thumbnails rather than ePub icons for all my books which I love. The problem is that most (75%) ePubs don’t have the cover as the first page of the book, and thus the title page is displayed as the thumbnail and not the cover. This is frustrating because on the Android tablet the books correctly display the cover as the thumbnail.
So it appears that the .epub does not miss the cover metadata, but rather just needs to have the cover page added as a front page.
I have tried Calibre (edit metadata) and two of Calibre’s plugins (Modify ePub and Generate Cover) and neither does this correctly. It does add the cover in Calibre’s library, but that is NOT what I am interested in, I want it displayed in Windows explorer.
Is there a simple way that I can accomplish this? It just appear that this should not be that hard.

For more details : explainer video

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RE: Thumbnails in windows explorer


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