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Earned Value Project Management

Submitted by Leonidas » Sat 18-Feb-2012, 15:55

Subject Area: Project Management

Keywords: Quentin W. Fleming, Joel M. Koppelman, cscs, cost variance, schedule variance, earned value management, EVM, project performance indices, process, PMI

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Anyone tasked with implementing earned value management on a project usually has this book on their desk.
It provides a simple guide to the earned value project management discipline that reflects Fleming's years of practical experience with the subject. I first encountered Fleming's writings on earned value in 1988 with his first book: Put Earned Value (C/SCSC) into Your Management Control System.
All project managers should have a working knowledge of the earned value management process. Though it originated in military contracting in the US it is now finding its way into all kinds of projects. This is simply because customers want reliable and predictive measures of actual progress on a project. Earned value achieves this by placing a budgeted value on planned deliverables and crediting the project with that value when the deliverables are completed, hence the term earned value.
In this book Fleming describes the concepts behind earned value and, in chapter 13, provides a very useful 10 step implementation guide.
The book is published by the Project Management Institute.
Highly recommended.

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