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Should ID be given in URL if already secured with JWT containing ID?

Submitted by JoeClark » Mon 11-Dec-2017, 20:16

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If I wanted to DELETE a user authenticated with a JWT token that contains the user object, should this DELETE handled go under /users or /users/?

It makes sense to have under the /users/ endpoint as you're deleting that specific item.

But also makes sense to have it under /users as then you don't have redundant data and you don't have to enter the every time you want to perform a function on your user when you already have the JWT authentication.

This idea falls to many-to-many objects too, say I wanted to access /users//games//move stripping '/users/' makes it seem like there's not 'user' resource but it makes it less clunky and again less data redundancy.

Which is more 'accepted' or 'right'?

Please Help.


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RE: Should ID be given in URL if already secured with JWT containing ID?

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