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Being a roaring success in life isn't rocket science!

Submitted by Locke » Fri 24-Feb-2012, 06:21

Subject Area: Project Management

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I'm a project manager with 30 people on the team. Two of them are absolute stars. They're both on a fast track to a glorious career - fame and fortune and for some amazingly simple reasons.

One. When I asked them to do something. They do it!

Two. When they commit to doing something they do it when they said they were going to do it. Imagine that!

Three. Every now and then unheralded, unsolicited, uninvited, they appear in my office with a great idea!

And I say to them Joe ... Mary ... that sounds like a great idea why don't you just go and do it. And they do!
I can't help myself I'm biased in favour of people like that. So stone me.
People like that make a manager's life a holiday no wonder they're about to be promoted.

Is this rocket science? I don't think so. Why oh why do so few people understand this simple path to success?


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RE: Being a roaring success in life isn't rocket science!


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