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Problems upgrading Win7 to Win10

Submitted by anonymous » Wed 20-Mar-2019, 06:03

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I had three computers I wanted to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 using the free download. I successfully did this on some computers a year or two ago, but I'm having problems.

(This was discussed on another thread). The first one I did a week or so ago got into a boot loop after the upgrade, which I couldn't fix. I had to take it to the repair shop to get a clean install of Win10, so that one is fixed now.

Last night I tried the second one. It seemed to be going normally, but a few seconds after I got the first Windows 10 screen, it said that it couldn't install Win10, but fortunately, this time it rolled back to Win7.

But I'd still like to upgrade to Win10 for free.

These are HP workstations, and I confirmed with HP that they can use Win10. Their online help says to reset the BIOS to factory settings, disable legacy boot, and enable secure boot. At the store, they told me that this is what got me into trouble - leave that alone. So on the second one, I didn't make those changes, and fortunately I didn't get into the same problem as before, but it would not upgrade to W10.

So is there a safe, free way to upgrade these to Win10?


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RE: Problems upgrading Win7 to Win10

Problems upgrading Win7 to Win10

By riksi » Fri 26-Apr-2019, 20:06, My rating: ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

Win7 to Win10

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